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Dixie Septic Tank is here to help homeowners with every aspect of installing, repairing, and maintaining your septic system


Every time you run the sink, take a shower, do a load of laundry, or flush the toilet, everything that went down the drain runs into the septic tank. Any solids, whether they are food remnants, human waste, or toy cars, settle at the bottom of the tank and form a layer of sludge. The bacteria that occurs naturally in the tank helps break down much, but not all, of this. The liquid layer fills the tank rather quickly (days to weeks depending on usage) and it flows out into the drain field where the pipes distribute it evenly into the ground below to continue it's natural process of being broken down by bacteria and filtered through rock and sand back into the earth. 

Most septic tanks need to be pumped every 3-5 years to remove accumulated sludge. Using toilet paper that doesn't break down well, "flushable" wipes, or just having more

people in the house than was originally planned can result in the tank needing to be pumped out sooner rather than later. Like everything else requiring maintenance, it's better to do it before it reaches the critical stage and things start backing up!

If you notice that your tank is needing to be pumped out at very short intervals, this may mean that the drain field is at the end of it's natural life. Rock & Pipe systems, like we use, can last for 25-30 years. Other systems may need to be replaced in 5-10 years and any drain field can be compromised if someone accidentally drives on it or large tree roots invade. Please call for a free assessment and estimate. 

While most tanks do have a very long life span, they can also be severely damaged by vehicles driving or parking on them and large tree roots growing into them. 


Septic Tank Pump Out


Call for a pump out today!


Besides preventing unpleasant backups into the house, regular pump outs are necessary to the health and longevity of your drain field.


It's a quick and relatively inexpensive part of home maintenance that keeps you from having to make an expensive drain field replacement prematurely. 

New Home Buyer Septic Inspection

You wouldn't buy a house without a home inspection. Don't forget the septic tank! Many people assume that this is included in a standard home inspection but it isn't. We empty the tank, look for cracks, tree root infiltration, or anything else that may be a problem. Then, we probe the drain field to makesure it's in good working order. New systems are expensive. Call us as part of your due diligence. 

Drain Field Replacement


Even with proper maintenance, a drain field will still need to be replaced someday. Our Rock & Pipe System is designed to work better and outlast the competition.


Our unique and patented Equal Distribution Pipe is designed with holes at 60° to give the water a chance to partially fill the pipe before draining out. This allows the water to be evenly distributed throughout the drain field instead of perpetually saturating only the first portion. The pipe is also designed with a ridge which we use to attach our patented clamp system that is used to hold the pipe in place while the rock is spread in and around it. This ensures that the pipe stays at the proper depth and remains straight. Our specialized equipment uses a conveyor belt to spread rock through the field preventing, heavy equipment from compacting the area. We are also very proud that our factory manufactures all recycled plastic and we use recycled concrete aggregate in our drain fields. Aggregate never breaks down and it's rough edges are the perfect breeding ground for the microorganisms that help break down waste before it heads south to the aquifer. A heavy filter fabric is placed over the rock to prevent dirt from infiltrating and keep the aggregate loose. 

Tank Replacement


Eventually, everything needs to be replaced or maybe, on a happier note, you've finally been able to put on that addition you've always dreamed of! Either way, Dixie tanks are made to last a lifetime.


Our concrete tanks are reinforced with steel and fiber and exceed all requirements mandated by the State of Florida. By law, every tank we manufacture has an engraved legend with our manufacturing ID number and the State inspects our facility every year. We manufacture our own tanks so that we can guarantee quality at every step. Our tank lids also include our unique and patented External Easy Access Filter Port.

Every new tank must include a filter to help prevent solids from reaching the drain field. While your tank only needs to be pumped every 3-5 years, this filter should be cleaned annually. In most tanks, this is under a heavy lid which is very difficult for the homeowner to lift and service. Our Easy Access Ports, make filter cleaning a breeze! Simply untwist a small plastic cap, pull out the filter, and hose it off. Other tanks require you to dig up a large heavy manhole cover. It's too much effort and most homeowners never do it. We make the job easy. Part of what makes it easy is that the port and cap are above ground, which makes them prone to lawnmower mishaps. We wholesale replacements caps to local Ace Hardware stores. They're very inexpensive to replace and it's well worth it to not have to dig up your yard and lift an 80lb manhole cover!

New Construction


Are you finally building the home of your dreams?


We're happy to work with you and your general contractor to help create the home you've always wanted.


Please call for an estimate.

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